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crescentlibrary.libib.com    A new offering from the Crescent Garden Center.  Some of the dedicated members and volunteers are inventorying and organizing the gardening books that belong to the Garden Center.  This will be an ongoing project.  Thank you so much to these diligent folks for their hard work.

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The Garden Club of Georgia Facebook Page

 The Garden Club of Georgia Website

 The Garden Club of Georgia – Camellia District

Gardening Tidbits Blog

The Rainwater Conference Center

 Visit Valdosta

Valdosta Film – a short film promoting Valdosta as a potential site for film settings

USDA Plants Database   – A somewhat dry, academic, but very wide-ranging database of plants.  This list is from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Loch Laurel Nursery

A nursery located just south of Valdosta near the airport. The nursery specializes in camellias, but it also has some citrus trees available.  Mark Crawford, owner, is friendly and knowledgeable about his plants, and he is willing to share information about them.  Reasonable prices.

The links below have been suggested by other individuals.  The Garden Center presents these as offerings from these individuals.

Earthworm Information

Many Thanks to the young group of middle-schoolers who suggested this website!)

From Pattie Nye on 6/8/2018 – These articles have some good advice about pollinators and pests.

Plants for Pollinators
Dealing with Voles and Moles in the Garden
How to Deer-proof Your Garden

From FTD on 11/01/2018 – this resource shares some useful and thorough information about roses.

Types-of-Roses : A Visual Compendium 

Orchid Growing for Beginners    – From Gardening Friends in Sydney on 1/17/2019, Sean Morrissy sends us some vast information about Orchids

Orchid Care Guide: Care instructions for 23 Popular Orchids   –  Our thanks to our friends at Proflowers who have offered to share this fascinating information about 23 popular orchids and their care instructions with our gardening followers.

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