List of Garden Clubs

Garden Clubs of the Crescent Garden Center

All clubs are proud members of the Garden Club of Georgia and National Garden Clubs.

Contact for more information about any of these Garden Clubs:


Meetings at the Crescent and at members’ homes

10:00 am 3rd Tuesday of the month

Amaryllis Garden Club is a friendly group of women and men who are serious about gardening, but we have fun, too. We have several Master Gardeners in our club who help to educate the public when we give seminars throughout the year.  One of our members has written and published a book on gardening, and another member is widely known for his camellias. They both are very helpful to other gardeners when it comes to growing plants, too.

We also have many beginner gardeners who are hoping to learn more about growing flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants.  We like to be creative and do crafts, too.  We LOVE to take field trips to look at other gardens!  We encourage beginning gardeners at and in between our meetings in whatever way we can.

One of our favorite things we do is host plant swaps and sales twice a year. We propagate our own plants for these sales which are fundraisers in the spring and fall.  Although we love horticulture, we are able and willing to do Flower Design also.

We love the Crescent and the grounds upon which it sits, and we support The Garden Center, Inc. with our hard work and monetary donations.

Learn how to grow and nurture plants and how to do flower show designs. Be a part of a great garden club council with the wonderful responsibility of maintaining our treasure called The Crescent.

Come join our Amaryllis Garden Club!


Meetings at 10:00 A.M., 3rd Tuesday of the month

Camellia Club was organized in 1951 and federated in 1952. Camellia Club is currently comprised of 18 active members and four sustaining members. We meet at 10 AM on the third Tuesday of every month with the exception of June, July, and August. Our current members include veteran judges, gardeners, past presidents of the Crescent, officers at the Camellia district level, and officers of the Crescent Endowment Fund.

Most of our members have gardens, but some members are more interested in serving on tasks involving the Crescent. We have members who only want knowledge of gardening programs, others who are excellent flower designers, and one member who has a working vegetable farm. From potted plants to garden plots to farms, our abiding interest is in plants – how to grow, nurture and shape plants as well as how to foster interest in gardening. We serve the community through gifts to state programs, the Haven, and the Children’s Advocacy Center. We have a plot in the gardens around the Crescent and serve as docents when scheduled.   Our membership ranges from participants of two years to more than 30, so we are a very diverse group and welcome new members.


Meetings at various restaurants

5:30 on 3rd Tuesday of the month

As a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., the Dogwood Garden Club appreciates the beauty and diversity of our local plant life.  Our club offers men and women an opportunity for friendship, learning, and community outreach.  Members meet evenings at 5:30 on the third Tuesday of each month, September through May.  Our meetings are held at a variety of local restaurants where we enjoy local cuisine while listening to guest speakers of various gardening interests.

Additionally, our responsibilities include supporting our beautiful Crescent House, a well-known landmark in Valdosta. We are a friendly group and welcome gardeners at all levels of expertise.  If you are interested in gardening, cultivating new friendships, and want to give back to the community, feel free to join us at one of our meetings.


Meetings:        3rd Tuesday of each month

Time:               10:00 A.M. September- May

Holly Garden Club, organized in 1951 and federated in 1952, is comprised of men and women with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds who share a common interest in gardening, supporting the Crescent, Historic Preservation, making new friends, and serving the community.  We serve as docents to help support the Crescent, a famous landmark visited yearly by people from across the United States and other countries.


We are a friendly, creative, and fun group that enjoys meeting new people and sharing our talents and experiences to benefit those less fortunate.  Joining our group gives you the opportunity to share your talents and learn new things in a positive way while having a fun time!  We enjoy the company of each other!

Southern Lily

Meetings at The Crescent

10:00 am 3rd Monday of the month

Southern Lily Garden Club is the newest of the Valdosta, Georgia, Garden Clubs.  Started by a self-proclaimed non-gardener, the focus was to bring together a group of talented men and women who not only enjoyed gardening and horticulture but also wished to lend their talents for business, fundraising, publicity, restoration, and preservation for The Crescent house gardens and grounds.

Southern Lily also boasts a large number of Master Gardeners in our group. We hold a number of blue-ribbon winners for horticulture and flower shows in recent years.

Community projects and youth gardening events have also become an important focus during the last session.

Southern Lily is a fun, dedicated, and hard-working group.

Town & Country

Meetings at the Crescent and at members’ homes

12:00 pm 3rd Tuesday of the month

We meet at the Crescent at noon, for lunch, sometimes at members’ homes, sometimes at restaurants. Usually 3rd Tuesday of the month. We are flexible and often join with other clubs in presenting and participating in programs and going on field trips.

We share a love of our wonderful landmark historic register property, The Crescent, historic preservation, gardening, and many of us like to participate in Flower Shows and create floral designs. We love decorating the Crescent, especially for Christmas, giving tours, and showing off our community’s number one landmark. One of our members is a former florist, with a lifetime of experience growing flowers and creating floral designs, who has shared her knowledge with garden club members and the community at large for decades. The rest of us have varying levels of expertise in gardening. You do NOT have to be a great gardener or designer to be one of our members.  We DO have a lot of fun meeting, working together, making friends, and increasing our knowledge and experience with gardening and design. All ages are welcome.

We have a very successful fundraiser every year selling Caladium Bulbs, which helps us to contribute toward expenses of special projects and maintenance at the Crescent in the landscape as well as for the building(s).  This fundraiser also provides a community service, making caladiums affordable and available to the public, while sharing our knowledge of how to best plant and grow them.

If you want to be a part of our group and our meeting time works for you, we would love to have you join us.