Schedule of Events at the Crescent

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Our Calendar of events in our local yearbook reflects only the activities of the Garden Clubs on the local and District level.  For rentals, please contact our Rental Chairman, Kae Sinkule.

The seven Garden Clubs that make up the Garden Center, Inc. (also known to the Garden Clubs of Georgia, Inc. as a Council and ) conduct a Board meeting once a month prior to the Garden Clubs’ individual meetings.  The Garden Clubs normally hold meetings on the third Tuesday of the month.  This arrangement keeps clear communication among the Clubs, especially when there is a project that requires all Garden Clubs to work together.  We are also connected to the other Garden Clubs in the nation.  The hierarchy of our Garden Clubs flows like this:

Individual Garden Club> Garden Center, Inc.> Camellia District> Georgia> Deep South Region> National Garden Clubs.

To find out more information about the Activities of the Garden Center , Inc.  and the individual Garden Clubs located at the Crescent in Valdosta, please email